Welcome to my coop.  My name is Tami and my family and I are passionate about eating affordable, clean, local, and natural foods.  The coop allows families to combine their personal orders to meet the minimum orders required by local farmers.  Our combined purchasing power allows us to receive bulk discounts that are, in most cases, less expensive than retail outlets.  I hope this coop blesses your family as it has ours. 

Currently, I am offering pastured (grass-fed) chicken, eggs, beef, pork, raw dairy.  Occasional items offered include fermented fish oil, Greens First green drink, Local Oven gluten free bread products and Rosey Ridge General Store products.  Please read the “Coop Details” to learn how to join!

Click here to read articles from Claire Hall regarding grass-fed beef, and an article from Mesquite Hill Farm website regarding pasture-raised animals.